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City of Perris

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City of Perris

Why Perris?

The City of Perris is an optimal location for establishing and growing your business. In this rapidly expanding marketplace, the City offers a quality lifestyle, available and affordable land and housing, as well as a skilled workforce. Perris is situated in close proximity to freeway corridors and is expanding its public transportation. The close-knit community is prime for those seeking a loyal customer base, and the cooperative City government facilitates the process to get up and running.

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Perris is home to a young population, with the median age at 27 years, and a family-oriented base. Perris residents are racially diverse, but most (71%) share the Hispanic culture. This fosters a lively civic culture and active community environment.

Tapestry Segmentation

A breakdown and description of the diverse population segments in Perris.

Market Potential

The City of Perris provides the ideal business location with its promising and expanding market. From local “hole in the wall” and “mom and pop” businesses to multinational, Fortune 500 companies, the City continues to show growth potential in the retail, restaurant, and retail marketplace sectors.