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City of Perris

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City of Perris

For Developers

Here's where you can find links to all of the online resources you might need for a project in the City of Perris.

  • Interactive City Map
    You can see a satellite map of the City of Perris with several different overlays including a Zone map on Digital Map Central. The "Zone" map is an option under the View menu item.
  • General Plan
    The general plan for the City of Perris outlines areas for development within the City.
  • Municipal Code
    Here's where you can find an easy to peruse online version of the City's municipal Code.
  • Specific Plans
    These documents detail special development areas within the City.
  • Online Forms
    This is where you'll find many forms for Building & Safety, Code & Neighborhood Services, Fire Prevention, Land Development/Public Works, and Planning.

    To expedite processing at City Hall, you can download city forms from this site. All forms are provided in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. Select the form, print it, then fill it out and bring it with you to City Hall for processing.
  • Utilities
    Here are contact numbers for providers of utilities to the city.
  • Contact Numbers


    Phone number

    Building Code

    (951) 443-1029

    Building Inspection/Permit Services

    (951) 443-1029

    Inspection Request Hotline

    (951) 956-2117

    Business Development

    (951) 443-1029

    Code Compliance

    (951) 657-3280

    Economic Development

    (951) 943-6100

    Fire Prevention/Inspection

    (951) 940-6900

    Land Development

    (951) 943-6100


    (951) 956-2120 

    Redevelopment Agency

    (951) 943-6100



    (951) 943-5003