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City of Perris

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City of Perris


The City Council recently created the Beautification, Community Development and Economic Development committees to advise elected representatives about strategies to improve the look, sense of community spirit and economy of Perris. These three committees are intended to promote beautification, fine arts, culture and establish policies to bring about economic and community development and sustainability.

Community Development Committee

The Community Development Committee will promote positive human interactions in all aspects of community life. The responsibilities of the Committee will be the following:

  •  Advise the Mayor and City Council on the development of plans, policies, regulations, and strategies involving community preservation, recreation, health and human services.
  •  Advise the Mayor and City Council on programs related to culture, fine arts, seniors, veterans, as well as non-profit capacity building and development.
  •  Make recommendations to the City Council for the disposition of Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) funds. 

Here are the current members of the Perris Community Development Committee:

  • Robert Turner
  • Michael Weir
  • Dawn K. Bacha
  • Jennifer Bieger
  • Joseph Dapice
  • Cindy Chambers
  • Socorro Gomez-Huerta
  • Laurel Rudy
  • Spokesperson: Tisa Rodriguez

Beautification Committee

The Beautification Committee will assist the City in developing and pursuing initiatives that promote beautification and the overall appearance of the City. The goals of the Committee are to:

  •  Create civic pride.
  •  Motivate the City’s diverse population to participate in the beautification process.
  •  Identify areas in need of improvement and create recognition and incentive programs, such as property maintenance awards.
  •  Coordinate and recruit volunteers to participate in neighborhood clean-ups and secure funding resources to achieve these goals.  

Here are the current members of the Perris Beautification Committee:

  • Flora Eileen Cohen-Sarno
  • Alesia Fuller
  • Brady McCarron
  • Alex Mercado
  • Buell A. Talley
  • Pamela Scott
  • Spokesman: Dave Stuart

Economic Development Committee

The Economic Development Committee will promote the City’s ability to compete in the global economy and provide leadership, education, and tools necessary for the City to optimize essential economic opportunities. The responsibilities of the Committee will be as follows:

  • Improve the City’s business and economic environment in order to help meet the shopping service needs of local residents.
  • Develop an economic plan which will provide the framework for developing and maintaining a viable business community.
  •  Make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council that will create economic growth opportunities through the creation of jobs and businesses and expanding the City’s tax base and income.
  • Advise the Mayor and City Council on the development of plans, policies, regulations and strategies that have substantial impact on creating and maintaining an innovative economy that is sustainable.

Here are the current members of the Perris Economic Development Committee:

  • Eligio Rangel
  • Lorna Hulstrom
  • Sabrina Antoinette Freeman
  • Lourdes Zunzunegui-Medrano
  • Fortunate Hove-Cooper
  • Eric Godoy
  • Cynthia Soriano
  • Virniecia Green Jordan
  • Olivia Balderrama
  • Spokesperson: Cindy Espinoza
  • Special Advisors to the Economic Development Committee:
    Armando Hurtado
    Cindy Espinoza