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Planning Division

The Planning Division is responsible for two key functions: Current Planning and Advanced Planning. It is the division’s goal to provide timely and effective management of these two functions.

Mission Statement

The Planning Division is dedicated to serving the public interest and facilitating community development.

Current Planning

The current planning section manages the incremental day-to-day changes that shape our city. This section helps builders, developers, residents, and business owners get their projects done. This section uses the general plan, zoning code, and other tools, including various types of land use entitlement permits, to meet the spirit or intent of the law which is to develop a livable community.

Advanced Planning

The advanced planning section establishes long-range goals, and directs the pattern of land use development in the city. This section focuses on managing the social ecology of a place, or how the population uses and shapes its surroundings. Through concensus building planning decisions and land use patterns are established that result in the conservation and protection of natural resources, creation of an economically viable community, and the provision of healthly functional neighborhoods . This section communicates with community stakeholders to form a vision for our City‘s future, and uses various tools available to them including the general plan amendment process, zoning code revisions, and specific area planning.

Grove Lumber Yard

Convenience Store (7-Eleven) and Fueling Station
at the Southeast Corner of 4th St. and Wilerson Avenue

Initial Study supporting the Mitigated Negative Declaration, and the Draft Mitigation Measures.

Pelican Industrial Project
The City of Perris is commencing preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Pelican Industrial Project, and has released this Notice of Preparation (NOP) per the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Perris Trail Master Plan
The Perris Trail Master Plan – to implement a future trail and bikeway network consisting of pedestrian and bicycle facilities that link neighborhoods, parks, recreational open spaces, transit hubs, employment areas, schools, and places of interest.

acrobat pdf Final Adopted Trails Master Plan
acrobat pdf Proposed Bikeway/Trails Map

Environmental Documents for Public Review

Integra Perris Distribution Center Project
Acrobat Draft Environmental Impact Report

Green Valley Stock Pile Permit
acrobat pdf Green Valley Stock Pile Initial Study
acrobat pdf Green Valley Stock Pile Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Plan

Food-4-Less Gas Station, Perris Blvd (Perris Plaza)
acrobat pdf Mitigated Negative Declaration for Conditional Use Permit

Verano Apartment (aka Mercado Housing Phase II)
Major Modification (MM 13-01-0007) to Phase II of Mercado Family Housing by increasing the number of residential units from 19 to 40 and reducing the commercial component from 17,000 sq. ft. to 3,000 sq. ft., setting aside 1,000 sq. ft. for retail and 2,000 sq. ft. for a day care facility requiring a Conditional Use Permit (CUP 13-01-0006). Project amenities includes BBQ areas with shade structures, intermittent passive turf areas with benches linked by pedestrian pathways, outdoor fire place, tot-lot, and a recreation room that includes a fitness clubhouse.
acrobat pdf Initial Study (updated 02/13/13)
acrobat pdf Mitigated Negative Declaration (posted 01/31/13)

Perris Community Homes
Development Plan Review (12-05-0013) to construct a 75-unit multi-family apartment complex within 7 vacant acres. The project includes a 762 sq. ft. maintenance building, and a 2,875 sq. ft. community room within the MFR-14 (Multi-Family Residential Zone).
acrobat pdf Initial Study (posted 01/30/13)

4th Street Retail Building
acrobat pdf Initial Study (posted 11/05/12)

Stratford Ranch Industrial Project
Environmental Impact Report (11-09-0016) associated with Development Plan Review (DPR) 11-12-0004, Specific Plan Amendment (SPA) 11-12-0005, General Plan Amendment (GPA) 12-02-0001, Tentative Parcel Map 36469 – Development of a high-cube logistics warehouse totaling up to 1,712,880 sq. ft. on  approximately 91 gross acres and a General Plan and Specific Plan amendment to remove a section of Harley Knox Blvd (from Redlands Avenue to the Perris Valley Storm Channel) from both the City of Perris General Plan and Perris Valley Commerce Center Specific Plan Circulation Elements. The tentative parcel map will merge 10 existing parcels (302-170-001 through 302-170-006, 302-160-001, 302-150-001 through 302-150-007) within 91 acres into two parcels. Infrastructure improvements including 2.4 acres for dedication and construction of Redlands Avenue street frontage improvements. Improvements to the Perris Valley Storm Channel (PVSC) encompassing 45.7 net acres. Improvements to the PVSC Lateral D encompassing 1.88 acres. The project site is located on the northeast corner of Perry Avenue and Redlands Avenue.
acrobat pdf Stratford Ranch Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) (posted 10/10/12)
acrobat pdf Notice of Availability (posted 10/10/12)
acrobat pdf Stratford Ranch Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) (posted 10/10/12)

DEIR Appendices


Starcrest Final Environmental Impact Report Documents:

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