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City of Perris

Specific Plans

Specific Plans are plans pertaining to areas or projects within the City. A specific plan is a tool for the systematic implementation of the general plan. It effectively establishes a link between implementing policies of the general plan and the individual development proposals in a defined area. A specific plan may be as general as setting forth broad policy concepts, or as detailed as providing direction to every facet of development from the type, location and intensity of uses to the design and capacity of infrastructure; from the resources used to finance public improvements to the design guidelines of a subdivision.

By Code, a specific plan in the City of Perris must encompass at least 75 acres of contiguous land. It may be developed in response to a single policy issue, or to address each applicable policy of the general plan. It may also diverge from the issues contained in the general plan into other subjects viewed by the community as being of relevance.

All specific plans must comply with Sections 65450 - 65457 of the Government Code. These provisions require that a specific plan be consistent with the City's General Plan. In addition, specific plans must be consistent with any Airport Land Use Plan pursuant to Public Utilities Code ยง21676. In turn, all subsequent subdivision and development, all public works projects and zoning regulations must be consistent with the specific plan.

There are 10 Specific Plans within the City of Perris. Links to each of these documents are provided below. Please contact the Planning Division for additional information or clarification of the provisions.

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