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City of Perris

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City of Perris

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

The annual CDBG funding allocation received by the City varies from year-to-year, depending on a number of factors. Federal regulations limit the amount of funding that can be used for public services programs and projects to a maximum 15% of the annual funding allocation. Additionally, up to 20% of the annual allocation is set aside by the City for program administration. The balance of the funds is allocated for all other CDBG activity categories. The City makes these funds available on a competitive basis to eligible outside agencies and City Departments for qualified activities that meet one or more of the CDBG National Objectives and which further the goals and objectives of the Five-year Consolidated Plan. Please note that the City of Perris gives first priority to City-managed programs and projects for funding.


Contact Sara Cortes de Pavon with any questions at or 951-435-7220 ext. 254.

CDBG Sample Projects

The following are examples of eligible activities for CDBG funding:

  • ADA improvements (installation of elevators, renovation of bathrooms, public streets, curb cuts, installation of audible signals, etc.) to meet ADA requirements
  • Acquisition, Installation, Construction and Rehabilitation of Infrastructure (i.e., streets, sidewalks, water, sewer, etc.), and Neighborhood Facilities; Facilities for Special Needs Populations; Clearing and Demolition.
  • Renovation/Expansion of project space utilized by clients served
  • Employment Services (i.e., job training/placement)
  • Educational Services Recreational Services
  • Housing Programs (i.e., homeownership assistance, rehabilitation and preservation, etc.)
  • Special Economic Development Activities
  • Child Care
  • Crime Prevention
  • Fair Housing Counseling
  • Health Services (i.e., substance abuse services)
  • Services for Seniors

CDBG funds cannot be used for maintenance, repair or operating costs. Ineligible activities include:

  • Buildings for the general conduct of government
  • General Government Expenses (i.e., maintenance, repair, operating costs, etc.)
  • Political and Religious Activities
  • Subsistence Payments


Planning and Performance Reports

2014-2019 Consolidated Plan & 2014-2015 Annual Action Plan
City of Perris 2014-2019 Amended Consolidated Plan & 2014-2015 Annual Action Plan In compliance with HUD entitlement jurisdiction CDBG regulations, the City has prepared its second five-year consolidated plan for FY 2014/15 through FY 2018/19, a one-year action plan for FY2014/15, an Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing, and Citizen Participation Plan.

Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER)
The Consolidated Plan Management Process (CPMP) First Year Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report includes Narrative Responses to CAPER questions that Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Grantee must respond to each year in order to be compliant with the Consolidated Planning Regulations.

City of Perris Action Plan
This Annual Action Plan outlines the activities that will be undertaken during the program year. Program and activities described in the Action Plan are intended to primarily benefit low-income residents of the City of Perris, neighborhoods with high concentrations of low-income residents, and the City as a whole.