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City of Perris

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City of Perris

City Attorney

The City Attorney represents and advises the City Council and all City officers in matters of law pertaining to their offices. The City Attorney also represents and appears for the City and City officers and employees in actions or proceedings in which the City is concerned.

The City Attorney drafts and reviews contracts for services, public works, and real property matters, and prepares proposed ordinances and resolutions. The Office also provides legal services to the Redevelopment Agency to implement economic development and affordable housing programs, and prepares such legal documents as may be required for special improvement and maintenance districts.

City Council priorities addressed by the City Attorney’s office include controlling and reducing costs, particularly by assisting in avoiding unnecessary litigation; facilitating economic and residential development; public finance; labor negotiations and other personnel issues; and advising related agencies including the Redevelopment Agency, Finance Authority, and Planning Commission.


The mission of the City Attorney is to provide first-class legal advice and zealous legal representation for the City Council, City Manager, and City employees in order that they may lawfully attain the City Council’s goals and program outcomes without undue risk to the City.