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City of Perris

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City of Perris

Planning Division

The Planning Division is responsible for two key functions: Current Planning and Advanced Planning. It is the division’s goal to provide timely and effective management of these two functions.

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Mission Statement

The Planning Division is dedicated to serving the public interest and facilitating community development.

Current Planning

The current planning section manages the incremental day-to-day changes that shape our city. This section helps builders, developers, residents, and business owners get their projects done. This section uses the general plan, zoning code, and other tools, including various types of land use entitlement permits, to meet the spirit or intent of the law which is to develop a livable community.

Advanced Planning

The advanced planning section establishes long-range goals, and directs the pattern of land use development in the city. This section focuses on managing the social ecology of a place, or how the population uses and shapes its surroundings. Through concensus building planning decisions and land use patterns are established that result in the conservation and protection of natural resources, creation of an economically viable community, and the provision of healthly functional neighborhoods . This section communicates with community stakeholders to form a vision for our City‘s future, and uses various tools available to them including the general plan amendment process, zoning code revisions, and specific area planning.

Environmental Documents for Public Review

Green Valley Specific Plan - TTM 36989 with 145 units and TTM 36999 with 165 units

TTM 36648 Stratford Ranch Residential North

Villa Verona Apartment Community

Duke Industrial at the Southeast Corner of Indian and Markham

Perris Gateway Industrial Project – DPR 16-00003


Nuevo Road and Nuevo Bridge Replacement Project

Integra Perris Distribution Center Project

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