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City of Perris

Children’s Healthy Beverage Ordinance

Water with fruit

The City of Perris Ordinance No. 1340 requires local restaurants to offer milk, water and/or 100% juice as the default beverage for kids’ combo meals.

This proposed ordinance does not intend to limit beverage options offered in kids’ meals but rather encourage healthier options for children and parents.

This ordinance supports the efforts of the City of Perris to encourage healthier living and combat the high rates of childhood obesity and diabetes, in addition to the other negative health impacts associated with sugary beverage consumption. Furthermore, this ordinance supports the City’s Health Eating Active Living (HEAL) Campaign, the Live Well Perris Initiative and will continue to build a healthy community as proposed under the Healthy Community Element in the General Plan.

For more information please contact the Live Well Perris Team at