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Fashion show comes to Perris

Juan Lemus & Mayor

Emcee Carson Kressley and Perris Mayor Daryl Busch share a laugh before the big show.

The bright lights and red carpet that signify a high-end fashion show came to Perris this week.

Carson Kressley, star of the television show “How to Look Good Naked” hosted the gala event which drew a crowd of about 200.

The stars were five Perris-area women selected to appear before television cameras and strut their stuff in a variety of outfits while the boisterous crowd looked on and yelled its approval.

The idea was to prove that nice clothes can be obtained almost as easily in Perris, California as in Paris, France, the acknowledged leader in high fashion trends.

The show, called “Carson Break,” will be offered to Lifetime television as a pilot.

If picked up by the network several other episodes will be videotaped around the country.

Kressley, 38, and members of the production crew praised Perris over and over during the two hours the fashion show went on at City Hall.

Juan Lemus & Mayor

Contestants Lyanna Nguyen, Deidre Martin, Gloria Webster, Jenny Chu and Dina Brusca share the stage with fashion guru and television star Kressley.

Kressley hailed the residents as friendly, the warm evening weather ideal and said the cost of living in Perris is a lot more affordable than that other city with the same name in France. There are other advantages too.

“Paris is so humid,” Kressley said. “That can make your hair frizzy.”

In the moments before the show kicked off, Kressley worked the crowd, encouraging them to cheer when the models strolled down the red carpet.  The five models included Dina Brusca, Gloria Webster, Deidre Martin, Lyanna Nguyen and Jenny Chu, who each took several turns modeling clothes under the bright lights that illuminated the red-carpet runway.

 “Look at all these Perrisians in the house,” Kressley said to the cheering audience. “The ladies of Perris are ready to model. This is the most fashionable city in the world.”

Mayor Daryl Busch welcomed the production crew to Perris. He even gave a tour of the remodeled City Council chambers to one of the show’s producers. Kressley and the mayor bantered back and forth during a brief interview as the cameras rolled.

“Tell me,” Kressley said.  “Does your office call Posh Spice or Madonna when you want to know about the latest fashion?”

“No,” the mayor replied. “They call us.”
The crowd roared.

Models and crew spent the hours before the fashion show in Perris, eating lunch at La Fiesta Mexican restaurant and looking over clothes at Fashion Today.

Brusca, 35, teaches drama at Perris High School.

She said the producers of the show contacted her initially inside a Starbucks and asked her if she would consider appearing. A couple of days later, she got the word she would appear at the show, where she modeled a clothing look labeled “equestrian chic.” Brusca said she wanted her students to attend the taping to learn about camera operations, lighting and sound technology, makeup and other aspects of television production.

“It was a fun experience,” Brusca said. “This is the most awesome thing.”

Perris High School senior Gary Hoag, 17, said the television fashion show indicates that “Perris is a happening place.”

“A lot of people think we’re a small town that’s under the radar,” said Hoag, who came to the show with several friends. “But it’s really a great city. Perris is going places.”