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Tails Were Wagging At This Years "Strut Your Mutt" Event

Lupe Santillan and her son, Robbie, came to the annual “Strutt Your Mutt” dog show in Perris last weekend
Lupe Santillan and her son, Robbie, came to the annual “Strutt Your Mutt” dog show in Perris last weekend.

Canines young and old, big and little, fat and skinny, hairy and hairless took center stage Saturday in the annual “Strutt Your Mutt” show at Monument Park in Perris.

About 250 dogs took part in a series of contests to determine Perris top pooches. Those included categories for best tail-wagger, most intelligent, best-dressed, most out-there “space alien” critter and doggie/owner lookalike contests.

City officials hailed the program as a success.
Dozens of dogs received vaccinations and licenses during the event.

Peetie the long-hair Chihuahua may have taken the crown for the smallest dog. The black 10-week old tipped the scale at a mere 24 ounces, 1.5 pounds. Owner Phyllis Thompson said she comes to the Strutt Your Mutt festivities every year to what types and breeds of dogs the annual event attracts.

“I’m a dog lover and I like to talk to other dog lovers,” Thompson said.

Peetie to Chihuahua weighs just 24 ounces
Peetie to Chihuahua weighs just 24 ounces.

Thompson said over the years she has raised large and small dogs. Prior to owning Chihuahuas, she looked after St. Bernards and Great Danes.

“When I downsized, I downsized a lot,” she said.

If Peetie was the smallest dog on display, English mastiff Rocco certainly was the largest. He tipped the scale at 220 pounds. Rocco earned a certificate as most intelligent because he rolled over on command. Owner Sam Tenorio said Rocco makes the perfect four-legged security officer.

“He doesn’t require any special training to be a guard dog,” Tenorio said. “All he has to do is show up. Nobody messes with Rocco. Nobody messes with my house.”

Lupe Santillan and her son, Robbie, 9, brought their English bulldog, Roxie, to Monument Park. She took home honors for having a face that most resembled a space alien.

“I think that’s kind of sad,” Lupe Santillan said. “To me, she’s beautiful, and smart. She understands commands in both Spanish and English.”

Santillan said she enjoys the atmosphere of the doggies on display.

“It’s a great chance to meet your neighbors,” she said.