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City Clerk's Office Generates Passport Revenue
Note: As of 1/2013, the City Clerk no longer provides passport services

Perris City Clerk Judy Haughney at her desk. The City Clerk’s office has generated $21,500 in revenue by accepting passport applications
Perris City Clerk Judy Haughney at her desk. The City Clerk’s office has generated $21,500 in revenue by accepting passport applications.

The Perris City Clerk’s office is using innovation to generate money for municipal coffers while employing the latest technology to cut down on expenses.

Judy Haughney and her staff have augmented their normal duties by processing passport applications, an outreach that has proven popular and profitable. More than 600 applications have been processed, netting City coffers in excess of $21,500.

The extra revenues come at a time when the City is tightening its financial belt to cope with the regional, state and federal economic slump.

The passport program is one of several innovative efforts the

City Clerk’s office is implementing to generate money for local use while at the time improving the quality of life for Perris residents. 

And the programs come at a time when both Haughney and Deputy City Clerk Vicki Kasad received milestone certifications possessed by few City Clerks around the world.

Haughney and Deputy City Clerk Vicki Kasad review documents
Haughney and Deputy City Clerk Vicki Kasad review documents.

“We are very proud of the work we do for Perris residents and we are determined to continue providing high quality service now and in the future,” Haughney said.

Haughney said the City Clerk’s office began processing passports in 2007.

To date, the office has processed 639 applications and 445 photographs, netting $21,554. Interest in the passport application program took off earlier this year when the Western Hemisphere Initiative mandated Americans carry passports even when traveling to Mexico and Canada. The City Clerk’s office provides passport and other services in Spanish as well as English.

In addition to developing programs to bring in revenue for Perris, the City Clerk’s office is also using technology to save money.

A state-of-the-art document storage system known as Infovision creates an electronic copy of ordinances, resolutions, meeting agendas and minutes, proclamations and correspondences. To date, more than 11,000 documents have been scanned into Infovision, saving the City valuable storage space. The ultimate goal is to scan all City documents into the system.

Haughney discusses the latest developments in her office at a staff meeting this month
Haughney discusses the latest developments in her office at a staff meeting this month.

“With the new system, public information requests can be processed in minutes, instead of hours, day or even weeks in some cases,” Haughney said. “We can now put information into the hands of the person who requests it almost immediately, which will save thousands of hours of staff time and thousands of dollars in costs. It is truly a win-win situation.”

Both Haughney and Kasad are celebrating personal achievements as well. Haughney received her Certified Municipal Clerk certification while Kasad was honored with a Master Municipal Clerk certification.

The certifications mean both the City Clerk and Deputy City Clerk are well-versed in the laws governing opening-meeting requirements, the Brown Act, records management, conflict of interest laws and election statutes. That adds to government transparency.

City Councilman Al Landers, a former Perris City Clerk, commended Haughney and Kasad for their professional and personal accomplishments.

He said Perris residents can be confident the City Clerk’s office, with its treasure trove of current and historical documents dating back to when the City was incorporated in 1911, is in good hands.

“We have an outstanding City Clerk’s office, one I am proud to be associated with,” Landers said. “It is dedicated to its mission of serving Perris residents and the City. The members of the staff have dedicated themselves to becoming the very best they can be. They do the City proud.”

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