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As of January, 2013, the City Clerk no longer
provides passport service.

Passports to be Required for Travel to Mexico and Canada

Passport Services M-F; 9 am - 4 pm by appointment only.

New travel restrictions requiring Americans to carry passports or passport cards when traveling to Mexico and Canada go into effect later this year and the City of Perris is stepping up to meet the expected increase in demand.

The City Clerk’s office, which takes passport photos and processes applications, has extended its hours of operations. Passport services are available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Previously, the services were available until just 3 p.m. and that prevented parents from getting their children’s paperwork completed after school, said City Clerk Judy Haughney.

Beginning June 1, the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative goes into effect, requiring American citizens to carry a passport or passport card when traveling by land, air or sea outside the U.S., including to neighboring countries. The tighter restrictions grew out of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and are the latest efforts to monitor foreign travelers, Haughney said.

“We’re offering these extended hours as a convenience for our residents,” Haughney said. “We want to remind people we do provide these services and help them avoid frustration when they have travel plans. If they try to cross the border without proper documentation, they will be turned back.”

The City began offering passport services Oct. 1, 2007.
Since that time about 450 people have taken advantage of the services. Passport photos are $10. Cost to process the paperwork runs $100 for adults and $85 for children under 16. Passport cards, which can be used for travel on land and sea but not air, are $45 for adults and $35 for children under 16. U.S. citizens may apply for passports with a valid identification like a driver’s license of state-issued ID card, a certified birth certificate or naturalization papers.

Passports and passport cards generally arrive within three weeks, Haughney said.

The City Clerk’s office suggests people make appointments in advance to avoid delays. The office does provide assistance for Spanish speakers.

More information: 951-956-2925. Online forms may be obtained at