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Residents Turn Out in Droves to Dump Trash

Public Works employees with a load of discarded tires
Public Works employees with a load of discarded tires.

Hundreds of Perris residents loaded up the truck and headed for the dump as part of the City’s annual autumn clean-up day.

An assembly line of vehicles, most stuffed with worn out furniture, broken appliances and toys, plumbing fixtures, household trash and green wastes, began lining up at several collection points throughout Perris early on Saturday morning. The action at the former Perris Police Station on 4th Street was particularly intense.

At times, five or more vehicles lined up to get inside and take their place at a row of Dumpsters to unload months and in some cases, years of accumulated refuse. By the end of the day over 560,000 lbs (280 tons) of refuse was collected.

“We are very pleased with the turnout,” said Rene Avila, Assistant Director of Development Services. “But it’s not surprising. Our residents always take advantage of this opportunity to clean up their homes and property. We always get a big turnout.”

City staff from Public Works, Administration and Development Services was assisted by 20 volunteers who pitched in to make the day a success. Nine volunteers from the Hacienda Christian Life Campus came to lend their hands. Director Donnie Callihan said his crew was glad to help out.

An overstuffed truck en route to the Dumpster
An overstuffed truck en route to the Dumpster.

“The City is good to us and we want to give back to them,” Callihan said.

Callihan said the City has worked with the non-profit agency on several projects. Hacienda Christian Life Campus operates a thrift store in the City’s north end.

Residents said they were glad to unload their trash for free.

“This is a great service,” said Chad Weatherwax.

Weatherwax came carrying toys and discarded Christmas decorations. He unloaded quickly because he had a lot of work to do.

“I’ve got four more trips to make,” he said.

Beatrice Escorza said she used the clean-up day to get rid of a bunch of furniture as part of a “major remodeling effort.” She brought a sofa, carpets and household trash for disposal.

“I live in the City and I want to help keep Perris nice and clean,” Escorza said. “This makes me happy.”

A resident tosses a tree branch away for disposal
A resident tosses a tree branch away for disposal.

Jose Mendez brought his daughter, Alexis, and her friend, Priscilla Sepulveda to the big clean-up to help the girls earn community service hours required by their school. The trio cleaned up trash and debris from a vacant lot near

Perris Boulevard and Rider Street. Among the items they tossed into garbage bins were sofas, mattresses, shoes and scrap wood.

The teen-agers attend Nuview Bridge Early College High School. They said they wanted to do their part to help Perris look spic-and-span.

“I feel good because I am helping my community,” Priscilla said.

The task called for Priscilla and Alexis to pick up trash and toss it in a Dumpster. Sometimes, their throws came up short and they had to do it all again. But it was all part of the learning process, said Jose Mendez.

“They’re rookies right now,” he said. “But we’ll get them up to speed.”