Contact: Joe Vargo, Perris Public Information Officer
Phone: 951-956-2120

Perris Gets Social!

Perris is entering the cyber world of social networking.

The City is going on facebook and twitter, the popular sites used by millions of people as their primary way of communication. The Internet is all abuzz about facebook and Twitter. 

Both social sites will be used to keep citizens, visitors and business owners up-to-date with what the City is doing by using an instant messenger service and the worldwide web.

The City’s facebook page is accessible by clicking here. The Twittter feed is here.

A link will be available on the City website, to provide the latest press releases, notices about upcoming events, road closures and City promotions.

Information Technology Supervisor Arturo Cervantes said people wanting access to the facebook page will have to register but that can be done with a couple of clicks on a computer keyboard. He said the City’s facebook page will be the most extensive in the Inland Empire and will literally provide real-time updates about City happenings.

“You cannot underestimate the importance of social networking sites,” Cervantes said. “For a lot of people, it’s the only way they communicate. It’s information in real time and it’s what people want. It’s the wave of the future. It’s an important vehicle to get our message out to the public.”

More and more, facebook also is becoming a major way retailers advertise their latest products and sales. When Staples decided on its Black Friday specials this year, it knew the deals wouldn’t stay secret for long. In the Internet age, retail surprises are quickly becoming things of the past as ads leak online weeks before their official unveiling.

Rather than letting a third party decide when its door-busters would be announced, the company used social networking to introduce them itself, spilling the beans directly to its 1,774 Twitter followers and 62,000 facebook fans.  Sites such as facebook represent cheap—virtually free—marketing, something that’s especially crucial this year. Rather than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on an ad campaign with a limited life span, companies can hire a low- or mid-level employee to maintain the sites and dialogue with customers.

Cervantes said he is excited to see Perris retain its commitment to providing residents the latest news and information in a cutting-edge manner. The City’s facebook page will be activated on Dec. 7.