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D Street Construction: A Part of the Perris Gateway Project

The sign says it all: Despite D Street construction, businesses along the historic commercial district remain open as usual
The sign says it all: Despite D Street construction, businesses along the historic commercial district
remain open as usual.

Businesses along D Street will remain open while construction progresses to remake the historical entrance into Perris’ Downtown commercial shopping district.

The City is remaking D Street as part of a long-term visionary plan to redevelop the entire Downtown Area.
Work currently underway has closed D Street from San Jacinto Avenue and First Street to vehicle traffic.
But stores and restaurants in the closed-off section of the street as well as those south of that block will remain open until construction of the Perris Gateway Project is completed, which is expected sometime in February.

The Perris Gateway Project consists of a widening of the intersection of D Street and San Jacinto Avenue to the ultimate General Plan street dimensions. The project also includes enhanced decorative paving, lighting, landscaping, and new monument signs in front of the City Hall campus to welcome motorist exiting the I-215 freeway. The Gateway Project also includes the construction of streetscape between San Jacinto and First Street, traffic signals at the intersection, and coordination with Riverside County Transportation Commission and Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway to install new railroad crossing arms on San Jacinto Avenue.

Barricades cordon off D Street in Perris at San Jacinto Avenue, but shops along the historic business stretch remain open during construction
Warning signs dot the construction zone.

The Perris Gateway Project is expected to cost about $1.5 million. The bulk of funds to pay for the improvements have come from federal and county sources. City funds are paying for about three percent of the costs.

The Gateway Project encompasses one phase of a long-range concept aimed at remaking the Downtown Area into a shopping and dining district that retains its historical charm while attracting residents and visitors from all over the Inland Empire. Proposals call for shops, apartments, restaurants and offices along the D Street Promenade Project.

“We really believe we have a unique, historical and well-preserved Downtown,” said City Councilman Mark Yarbrough. “When it is completed, it will be a truly one-of-a-kind destination spot.”