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Perris Gains 100 Friends

The City of Perris facebook page has caught on in a big way.

Since the City created its page on the social networking site just a month ago, more than 100 people have signed up as “friends” of the page, allowing them to comment about the events and activities taking place in Perris.
And comment they have.

Residents have written comments about businesses featured on the facebook page, such as the Perris Valley Indoor Skydiving Center.

“Truly one of the most fantastic things in Perris,” one friend commented.

Still another wrote: “This is really cool.  I took my son for his birthday last March. Highly recommend it.”

The City’s annual holiday parade, the installation of the first “E-85” fueling station in the Inland Empire and the holiday parade at Lake Perris also have drawn comments from the City’s 103 facebook friends.

One person wrote of the E-85 station, which dispenses a fuel made out of mostly ethanol:  “Awesome! I've been waiting for this since I moved here in 2005!”
Weighing in on the annual Christmas parade, one visitor took the time to say she had a great time despite the inclement weather.  “Very Wet Day but had a lot of fun....Love the Santa Claus.”

The facebook page also serves as a forum to announce events of community interest, like the upcoming ribbon-cutting and opening of the Perris Transit Center and the visit in December of the national commander of the American Legion.

Information Technology Supervisor Arturo Cervantes, who created the facebook page for Perris, said the fact that the number of friends who signed up so quickly proves the importance of the social networking site. Individuals, civic groups, businesses and municipalities use the format to notify people about their activities with real-time alerts.
Cervantes said he is pleased that Perris crossed the 100-friend milestone so quickly after creating its facebook account.

“I am surprised we acquired so many friends so quickly,” Cervantes said. “But this just goes to show how important facebook is to young people and young families. This is the way they communicate.”

Cervantes said the City remains committed to updating the facebook page with new announcements, photo albums and press releases several times each week.

The City’s facebook page is accessible by clicking here. The Twittter feed is here.