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Perris Residents Go to the Dogs

Residents take to the ring to “strut their mutt"
Residents take to the ring to “strut their mutt"

Liberty Park went to the dogs Saturday.

Canines of all sizes, shapes, colors and personalities took to the park to celebrate the City’s annual “Strut Your Mutt” contest. About 100 canines and their families took part in the Liberty Park event, which included prizes for the best bark, best dressed dog and an award for the owner and dog that most looked alike.

City Animal Control Services representatives were present to sell licenses. A veterinarian dispensed shots. City Parks and Recreation staff served, what else, hot dogs and chips and soda.

“This is a great event,” said Ruth Ortega, who came with her Labrador retriever/shepherd mix, Aloysius. “My baby can come out and play and get a shot. Perris is a small City but it is doing a lot for its residents. I’ve lived in other cities but nothing like this was ever done. I give it two thumbs up. On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate it a 12.”

The Perez family with their Siberian husky, Candy
The Perez family with their Siberian husky, Candy.

Ortega’s dog took home a prize as “best bi-lingual.” Aloysius responds to commands in English and Spanish.
Ortega’s mom, Celinda Elias, brought her pet Chihuahua, Mujeca, to Strut Your Mutt. At four pounds, the lapdog might have been the smallest canine to make an appearance. Linda Jackson’s Great Dane, Duke, tipped the scales at 175 pounds, making him one of the largest.

Jackson said she’s brought Duke, who likes to sit in her lap, to the annual Strut Your Mutt for seven years.

“He enjoys meeting people and dogs,” she said. “He’s a gentle giant.”
Jackson described Great Danes as “couch potato, house dogs.” But their huge size keeps would-be intruders and trouble-makers far away.

“I not worried at all at night,” she said.

Linda Jackson with her dog, Duke, a Great Dane who likes to sit in her lap
Linda Jackson with her dog, Duke, a Great Dane who likes to sit in her lap.

Saturday’s event brought dachshunds and Dobermans, poodle and Pomeranians, pugs and collies, terriers and Siberian huskies.

Marie Perez came with her two daughters, Ashley, 6, and Kaylee, 3, and the family’s 18-month-old Siberian husky, Candy.

“She’s a great dog,” Perez said. “She will not bark. She loves all dogs. My kids sit on her back. I’m glad we came to strut our mutt.  I think this is an excellent way of getting people involved in the community.”