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Hanesbrands Building Gains Coveted LEED Distinction

Perris officials joined with architects, builders and developers on April 28 to dedicate largest green building in the world.

About 50 people gathered outside the Hanesbrands Inc. distribution center at the dedication of the 1.3 million-square-foot building. 

Representatives of the Inland Empire Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council presented a plaque to commemorate Hanesbrands for earning distinction in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

The company achieved that honor by implementing a variety of the latest techniques aimed at reducing energy usage and pollution while contributing to Perris’ commitment for sustainability in construction and building. The center was built near public transportation, provides bicycle storage for employees who peddle to work and gives preferential parking spots to workers who drive fuel-efficient vehicles.

The Hanesbrands location employs water-efficient landscaping and reduces its energy consumption by using natural lighting and roof insulation.

Associate Planner Diane Sbardellati outside the Hanebrands distribution center. The building will be honored April 28 as the largest green building in the world
Associate Planner Diane Sbardellati outside the Hanebrands distribution center. The building is officiallythe largest green building in the world.

During the construction phase, 50 percent of the building waste was recycled and 20 percent of the building materials contained recycled components. The building makes use of paints and sealants and carpets that emit low amount of chemicals.

There is even an organic-based pesticide program that minimizes chemical pesticide use. Further environmentally friendly measures include the possibility of installing solar panels on the building’s roof.

“The City of Perris supports green building,” Mayor Daryl Busch told the audience that gathered to witness the dedication of a plaque commemorating the event. “It’s the smart way to go. It provides the efficient use of energy while preserving resources.”

Busch was joined by members of the City Council, City Manager Richard Belmudez, Assistant City Manager Ron Carr, Deputy City Manager Darren Madkin, City Clerk Judy Haughney, Planning Manager Brad Eckhardt, Redevelopment and Economic Development Manager Michael McDermott and several other staff members who worked on bringing the Hanesbrands center to Perris.

Associate Planner Diane Sbardellati, the City’s point person on the project, called the distribution center a “huge jewel” for Perris.  City planners, working with developers under the direction of the City Council, fast-tracked the building, taking it from the drawing board to completion in just six months,  a huge accomplishment.

“This is the best part of my job,” she said. “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

City Councilman Mark Yarbrough said the Hanes project highlights once again the City’s ability to create partnerships with businesses and developers. Perris already has won acclaim for its green initiatives, including installing a solar collection system and state-of-the-art irrigation system at City Hall and creating programs to make grants available to improve the energy efficiency of residences throughout the City. With Perris in close proximity to major transportation, recreation and education centers and with plenty of space for business, commercial and residential development, Yarbrough said the City represents the hub of the Inland Empire.

“We are right in the heart of everything,” Yarbrough said. “This building is an unbelievable milestone. Perris is already a great town, and it’s only going to get better as the economy improves.”

City Councilwoman Joanne Evans called the Hanesbrands project “pretty amazing.”

“To have the world’s largest green building is pretty awesome,” she said. “This kind of project not only helps the City of Perris, but surrounding communities.”

Gerald Evans, a president of Hanebrands, congratulated workers and Perris officials on the distribution center.

“We appreciate the efforts of the City of Perris,” he said. “They have helped give us the largest green building in the world, right here in Perris.”