Contact: Joe Vargo, Perris Public Information Officer
Phone: 951-956-2120

Perris Business: Backflow Assemblies Must be Tested Annually

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Typical backflow device.

The City of Perris has notified businesses they must comply with state law requiring them to test their water systems to prevent possible contaminants from entering the public water supply.

Public Works Manager Daryl Hartwill recently sent out a notification to affected businesses and companies.
Cost of the “annual testing and certification of the backflow assembly” range from $45 to $175, with the typical price under $100.

A properly-functioning backflow system helps ensure contaminants stay out of the City’s municipal water system. Without one, bacteria, sewage, metal filings and used pool water could foul water lines. Such contamination can be hazardous or even fatal. More than 10,000 cases of backflow contamination are reported every year.

The City has sent out a list of approved water-system testers with the notices of annual testing. Individual testers determine their own fees and appointment schedules. If businesses fail to complete the annual backflow test, the City of Perris will do and bill the owners for the cost plus administrative fees. Failing to repair or replace a defective assembly will result in suspension of water service until the assembly has been certified.

More information: 951-657-3280.