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Centennial Celebration Starts This Saturday

Perris Mayor Daryl Busch congratulates Sue Foutz Ferguson, a member of the Perris Police Mounted Posse, at the awards ceremony
Frank T. Perris day starts the City's Centennial Celebration. Click here to download the event flyer...

The City’s Centennial Celebration kicks off this Saturday with the annual Fred T. Perris Day, an extravaganza that pays honor to a pioneer family and their contributions to the community.

Organizers of this year’s event are going all out to celebrate the City’s 100th birthday as well as honor the family of Petronilo and Susana Mora, who emigrated to Perris from Mexico in 1907, became successful farmers, business owners and merchants, and who descendants continue making contributions to the Perris Valley.

“This promises to be a great event,” said Katie Keyes, a local historian and member of the Perris Valley Historical and Museum Association. “We’ve planned what we believe is a wonderful day of activities for the entire family. Please come out and enjoy!”

Named after the California Southern Railroad engineer who surveyed the Perris Valley, Keyes said Fred T. Perris Day is reminder that many in the City have not forgotten its past and the contributions of the pioneers who helped put Perris on the map and whose legacy lives on a century later. The event takes place in the Perris’ Historic Train Depot, 120 West Fourth Street.

Activities include face-painting, pony rides for children, a tour in a double-decker bus, open houses at the Southern Hotel and Bank of Perris building and musical performances by Cielito Lindo and the Heritage High School, Perris High School and Paloma Valley School bands.

Winners of a High School and Middle School Art contest also will be announced.

Admission to Fred T. Perris Day is free but vendors will be selling food at the event, which takes place from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Mora family patriarchs moved to Perris from Michoacan, Mexico and eventually became parents to nine children—eight sons and a daughter. They began life in Perris as farmers, but then quickly established themselves as business owners by providing fertilizer to the region’s booming citrus industry.

Perris Mayor Daryl Busch, in a proclamation honoring the Mora family, said that for more than a century, they have contributed to the City by their thrift and hard work.

“The family was very industrious and were involved in farming, restaurants, businesses, preparation and feeding of 300 farm workers including the Braceros, many community activities and their church.”

The Mayor went on: “Petronilo, Susanna and their children have all pass away but have left a rich legacy to their grandchildren, great-gradnchildren and great-great grandchildren and extended family. The family members have been in many professional fields including education and continue to contribute to the community today.”