Contact: Justin McGough, Battalion Chief, City of Perris
Phone: (951) 657-7151

Protect Your Home From Wildfires

Lack of proper weed caused this fire to threaten residences in Perris last year.
Lack of proper weed abatement caused this fire to threaten residences in Perris last year.

Summer is just around the corner. 

With this being said, please do your part to ensure that your home and property are prepared for the fire season.  The annual crop of grass has gone to seed, and any further rains will do nothing to prevent the grass from dying and drying up.

Perris residents are encouraged to remove flammable vegetation from their property, gutters and roofs.  When utilizing lawnmowers or weed eaters, please ensure that they are well maintained, and proper care is taken to prevent fire.  Only mow or utilize your weed eater before 10 a.m., and take advantage of these foggy and overcast mornings. Ensure that branches that touch the ground or your homes roof are trimmed, thus denying the fire an opportunity to spread from the ground to your roof.  Clean your gutters of flammable dead vegetation as well.  Accumulated excess green waste must be disposed of in your green waste trash can.  Burning of your yard waste is against the law, and can result in a citation and fine.

Flammable vegetation complaints for vacant or occupied properties within the city limits are to be reported to the Cities Code Enforcement Bureau.

National Wildfire Awareness Week is May 1 to May 7. Additional information on this worthwhile cause, as well as additional weed abatement tips is available on the Riverside County Fire Departments website

You provide the home defense and your fire department will provide a strong offense!

Thank you for your part in ensuring your home is fire safe.

Justin McGough
Battalion Chief
City of Perris