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WRCOG Offers Energy-Saving Devices to Property Owners

Riverside County Supervisor Marion Ashley, a Perris resident, addresses the crowd at the Centennial celebration. Perris, he said, is a place where “the sky is the limit.”

The Western Riverside Council of Governments, in a presentation to the Perris City Council on May 31, unveiled a plan to allow homeowners the opportunity to install a variety of energy-saving devices without paying up-front costs.

The Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation Program for Western Riverside County is available for Perris and surrounding communities.

The program includes a commercial component for solar panel installation and a residential component for a wide variety of improvements—including cool roofs, natural gas storage water heaters, tankless water heaters, energy-efficient windows and glass doors, insulation and outdoor irrigation and other energy and water-saving devices.

The program makes available loans to purchase the improvements. Loan costs are added to property tax assessments and can be repaid over many years.

WRCOG Executive Director Rick Bishop said the program offers homeowners several advantages. The program:

    1. Provides no-money-down means of financing energy efficiency improvements
    2. Investment recaptured through lower utility bills
    3. For non-Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac mortgages, the assessment stays with the property
    4. Creates and retains jobs
    5. Improves properties
    6. Saves energy and reduces/delays the need for costly infrastructure investments related to energy production and transmission
    7. Results in air quality improvements and greenhouse gas emission reductions

To qualify for the WRCOG program, an individual must be the property owner of record, not be in bankruptcy or be upside-down on a residential loan. Other restrictions may also apply.

More information about the program is available through WRCOG, 4080 Lemon Street, 3rd Floor,
Riverside, CA 92501. Interested parties may contact Bishop at (951) 955-8303 or e-mail  and Program Manager Barbara Spoonhour at (951) 955-8313 or e-mail