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CSUN Outreach Visits Perris City Hall

California State University, Northridge, administrators conducted a recruiting session in Perris for municipal employees seeking a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, an outreach that grew a dozen potential candidates to Perris City Hall.

The informational session marked the first-ever appearance of a four-year university in Perris and Cal State Northridge officials said they hope to forge a long-term relationship with the City and the community colleges serving the community.

“We are very pleased to be in Perris,” said Ravi Roy, Associate

Director of Public Sector Programs and a CSUN instructor who conducted this week’s initial session. “We are looking to Perris as a wonderful partner to help us deliver public sector programs in this area. We believe the City of Perris has rolled out the red carpet for us.”

Roy unveiled the plan at a previous City Council meeting, where the reaction of Perris policy maker expressed enthusiastic support for the MPA program.

“Welcome to Perris,” said City Councilman Mark Yarbrough, a sentiment that summed up the council’s point of view.
Yarbrough said that while Perris has always been known as a working town, the presence of a nationally known university will certainly raise the City’s profile for those residents seeking higher education.

“I am glad we have the facilities and the foresight to make this happen,” he said.

Roy said CSUN boasts a nationally recognized MPA program, one that offers learning centers across Southern California.
The university is seeking 25 to 30 applicants for its Perris program, which is expected to begin in September. The two-year program requires applicants to complete 12 courses in subjects like human resources management, strategic planning and organizational theory.

Roy said the Perris location offers City employees and municipal and county workers from surrounding communities to complete a Master’s Degree program that is “convenient without sacrificing rigor and quality of instructors.” Upon completion, he said MPA graduates will become leaders in problem solving and planning and go-to staff members for a wide range of challenges facing communities.

CSUN faculty and current and former city administrators will teach the course load, Roy said. The MPA program is open to current public employees with a Bachelor’s Degree. Two years of public service experience is considered a plus.
Misty Cheng, the City’s interim finance director, will graduate with an MPA from Cal State Northridge in May. She praised the quality and scope of the program.

“The MPA program offered a variety of courses that were relevant to my career in local government,” Cheng said.  “It has expanded my breath of knowledge and has given me a perspective of validation and affirmation of my role in public administration that I would not have otherwise realized.  I also believe that certain opportunities for advancement will be more attainable by having earned my MPA degree.  My experience of the MPA program has been a positive one. I would like to share that culminating experience with my fellow co-workers at the City of Perris and to those of surrounding agencies in the area.”

For more information on the MPA program, contact CSUN Masters of Public Administration Program Coordinator Patti Burleson at at (818) 677-3217 or or Misty Cheng at the City of Perris at (951) 943-4610 ext 244 or