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5th Annual Multi-Cultural TODEC Festival

The family-oriented Tour De Tots and a 8-miler ride are aimed at teaching youngsters bicycle safety while stressing physical fitness. The Lajom family—Kelsey, Kathy, Nicholas and Derick--flashes the thumbs-up after their 8-mile ride during the 2011 inaugural Tour De Perris
Dancers from last year's Multi-Cultural Festival.

The City of Perris’ fifth annual Multi-Cultural TODEC festival offers plenty of great music, food, dancing and a visit from representatives from its sister city, Cotija, in the Mexican state of Michoacan.
The fun begins Sept. 30 at 9 a.m. on the Perris City Campus, 101 North D Street.

“It’s a great time to get together and meet your neighbors,” said Veronica Arana, a Redevelopment  Project Coordinator who is helping coordinate the upcoming festival. “It brings a large part of our community together. There will be entertainment throughout the whole day.”

The City once again is working TODEC (Training Occupational Development Educating Communities) Legal Center, which has been working with immigrants for many years.

In addition to the entertainment, several dignitaries from Cotija are set to enjoy the Perris multi-cultural festival, which is held every year around Sept. 16, which is Mexican Independence Day. The pageantry also includes folklorico dancers and the appearance of several Mexican cowboys known as “charros.”

Representatives from the Mexican consulate in San Bernardino will present certificates to young women from around the Perris Valley who attend the festival representing the 44 states that make up Mexico. A statue of the Virgin de Guadalupe will be on display in the Bob Glass Gymnasium.

And as always, the contingent from Cortija will bring a huge block of their homemade cheese known around the world.
The city of Cotija is a quiet, sleepy town known for its peaceful streets that lead to its center, where an imposing church of astonishing beauty awaits. The town of about 12,00 people offers several well-preserved colonial buildings and a short walk to the many surrounding hills offers breath-taking views of the city with its narrow streets and red-tile roofs.