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Registration Still Open for "Tour de Tots"

The City of Perris has purchased eight new bicycles and will raffle them off to children who take part in Saturday’s (Oct. 6) Tour De Tots event, part of a day of fun and fitness that also includes the Tour De Perris bicycle ride
The City of Perris has purchased eight new bicycles and will raffle them off to children who take part in Saturday’s (Oct. 6) Tour De Tots event, part of a day of fun and fitness that also includes the Tour De Perris bicycle ride.

The City of Perris is accepting registrations for the upcoming Tour De Perris bicycle ride and Tour De Tots safety expo up to the morning of Saturday’s extravaganza.

Event organizers are placing special emphasis on physical fitness for youngsters and their parents and are encouraging families to take part in the Tour De Tots, which combines safety tips as well as an obstacle course so children can improve their riding skills.

The City also has purchased eight bicycles and every youngster 6 years of age and younger will be given a raffle ticket to win one of the bikes. Helmets and other safety gear will be raffled as well.

“We really want families to come and enjoy themselves and learn about bicycle safety so they can ride with their children and learn an active lifestyle,” said Sabrina Chavez, who is leading the committee helping organize the Tour De Perris/Tour De Tots. “We want people to cheer the bicyclists and enjoy the festivities.”

The Tour De Perris and Tour De Tots take place Oct. 6. The Tour De Perris consists of 100, 62, 30 and 8-mile rides that leave the City Hall Campus beginning at 7 a.m. The Tour De Tots takes place at City Hall and begins at 10 a.m. and is free for participants.

The day of fun also includes three performances—at 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.-- by the BMX Pro Tricks Team, which features stunt-riding and other crowd-pleasing maneuvers. The Big Game Trailer, a mobile video-gaming theater, is heading to Perris as well with an assortment of Xbox and Wii games available for playing for free.  A bouncer will provide further fun and exercise for children. Members of a Perris-based Filipino martial arts studio and a Polynesian dance troupe from Riverside and a disc jockey are slated to appear as part of the Tour De Perris as well. Food vendors will be on the campus selling a variety of items. Miss Perris, Sarah Holmes, will be there to show her support for the big day.

After Monday, Oct. 1, registration for any Tour De Perris ride must take place in person at the City’s Development Services Building, 135 North D Street. Cost of the 100-mile bicycle ride is $75; the 62-mile ride costs $70 and the 30-miler is $55.

The 8-mile course cost $25 and is good for up to four people on one registration.   A free t-shirt is included in the registration price. Participants may purchase a Tour De Perris jersey for $60. The City will accept payment in the forms of cash, checks and credit cards. Checks should be made out to the City of Perris.

Registration will be available Oct. 1-4 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ; on Oct. 5 from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. and beginning at 6 a.m. the day of the ride.

City officials created the Tour De Perris in 2011 as part of the City’s centennial. About 300 riders took part in the inaugural event and the City officials were so pleased, they immediately began planning this year’s event.
Perris City Councilman Mark Yarbrough rode in the 30-mile event last year and is stepping up to the 62-miler.

“It was a great event last year and cyclists are marking their calendars so they can take part again this year,” he said. “It was a fun event, it was challenging and it created a great buzz for the City.”

Perris resident Eric Kroenke said he wouldn’t miss the ride for anything—not even his wedding anniversary. He and his wife are celebrating 22 years of marriage on Saturday at the Lorimar Winery in Temecula, the halfway point for the two longer rides. As part of the admission prices for those rides, lunch at the winery is included.

Kroenke said he has ridden 100-milers for 20 years and considers Perris one of the best. Last year’s inaugural event was very-well organized, one of the best organized rides he’s ever seen. He said riders felt an extra level of comfort by vehicles who followed them and made sure the cyclists encountered no major problems along the way. He also likes the route. The more strenuous climbing portions take place relatively early in the ride, leaving plenty of flat stretches for riders to cruise through later in the course as fatigue sets in.

“I mark it down on my schedule,” Kroenke said. “I really want to thank the City of Perris for being so kind as to schedule this year’s event on my anniversary.”

More information about the Tour De Perris and the Tour De Tots is available by calling 951-943-5003 or on the city’s website,