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Pets on Parade Extends Live Well to Four-legged Friends

Live Well Perris is going to the dogs—and the cats, goats, ferrets, horses and other types of well socialized pets!

For the first time since the City’s healthy-eating active-living initiative kicked off a year ago, Perris will host an event geared for four-legged critters. The March 29 “Pets on Parade/Pet Expo” at Paragon Park offers low-cost vaccinations, spay-and-neutering, licenses and other pet-related services.

In keeping with the Live Well Perris theme of healthy eating, nutritious pet foods also will be part of the day’s events.

Recreation coordinator Rachel Pinedo says the expo includes a series of pet/people contests, including best pet costume, best costumed duo, doggie divas, doggie/owner lookalike, best bark, most talented, best homemade costume, cutest critter and best in show.

“We’re excited about this event—we know we aren’t barking up the wrong tree!” Pinedo said. “We love our pets and we want them to live a full and active life. That means healthy food and exercise. The pet expo and parade provides both.”

Perris Mayor Daryl Busch said that he hopes the pet expo becomes a popular event in the City. He recalled a similar program in Lancaster.

“I hope we can build on it,” he said. “It’s good for people and it’s good for pets.”

Perris City Councilman Mark Yarbrough said he plans on bringing his bulldog, Champion, to the pet parade. For years, Yarbrough was an enthusiastic supporter of the annual “Strutt Your Mutt” competition that the 2014 pet parade replaces. The upcoming expo is a great place to learn tips about pet rearing in addition to licensing, vaccines and other services.

“I love dogs,” Yarbrough said. “Pets give us unlimited, unconditional love and we need to take care of them. This is a great way to get families exercising with their pets—another way for Perris to live well.”

Perris City Councilman Al Landers said the upcoming pet parade/expo shows that a commitment to healthy community—including individuals, families and pets.

“We are committed to happy and healthy families and pets,” he said.
Perris City Councilman Julio Rodriguez credited staff members with creating “another great event that is both fun and educational.”

City Councilwoman Rita Rogers said the pet expo/parade provides another opportunity to Perris residents to support each other through a day of fun and education.

“They can learn about pet nutrition, exercise their pets and themselves in the process!” she said.

Compassion Church member Dave Stewart presents an award to Assistant City Manager Ron Carr for helping with the congregation’s winter-clothing outreach.

Pet-related services such as low-cost vaccinations, spay-and-neutering, and licenses will be available at the Pets on Parade/Pet Expo at Paragon Park on March 29.