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Mayor Pro-Tem Receives Woman of Distinction Award

Perris Mayor Pro-Tem Tonya Burke says she was “inspired and humbled” to receive a Woman of Distinction Award from Assemblyman Jose Medina last week at the Riverside Convention Center.

“It was wonderful being around so many other women doing so many wonderful things for their communities,” Burke said of the March 21 ceremony. “It was truly a pleasure. I felt uplifted, inspired and humbled to be around them.”

Perris Mayor Pro-Tem Tonya Burke at the ceremony in which she was named a Woman of Distinction.
Perris Mayor Pro-Tem Tonya Burke at the ceremony in which she was named a Woman of Distinction.

Medina, R-Riverside, said Burke and the other honorees were recognized for making made “significant contributions to our community and specifically have served as a role model and mentor for the young women in our district.” In 2014, Burke was appointed president of Run Women Run Inland Empire Chapter, an organization that recruits, inspires, trains and encourages women to run for public office and seek appointments.

After her own successful political campaign, she was elected to the Perris city council in November 2014.

In January, Burke was elected to serve as a Delegate to the California Democratic Party, representing the 61st Assembly District.

A contingent of Perris elected officials and administrators were on hand when Burke received her award. Those included Perris Mayor Daryl Busch, City Councilwoman Rita Rogers and City Councilman David Rabb and City Manager Richard Belmudez.

Burke said she met and talked with several women who have been participating in the political, social and cultural lives of their communities for decades.

“They are true pathfinders for so many women, including myself,” she said. “It was a true honor to be on the same stage with them.”

Mayor Busch said he was pleased Burke earned the Woman of Distinction award.

“It’s nice to see one of our elected officials being honored,” he said.