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City Shuts Down Illegal Marijuana Dispensaries

Perris Code Enforcement and Police Department officers this week shut down eight marijuana dispensaries for operating in violation of the City’s municipal code.

Perris zoning laws prohibit medical marijuana dispensaries within the City limits.

Despite the ban and repeated written warnings to cease their business operations, Senior Code Enforcement Officer Julio Pineda said the dispensaries continued to operate in violation of City ordinances.

Code enforcement officers obtained warrants to padlock the businesses and served them over several hours Thursday (Oct. 7) morning and afternoon.

Pineda said existing locks on the dispensaries were removed and replaced and employees were given about 20 minutes to gather personal belongings and vacate the premises. No one was arrested.

“Everything went smoothly,” Pineda said. “These businesses had plenty of time to get into compliance but they ignored previous warnings.”

Pineda said that although a state proposition approving marijuana for some medical uses was approved years ago, cities can still prohibit dispensaries from operating with their limits. The Perris City Council has approved such restrictions.

Perris Mayor Daryl Busch said the City sympathizes with people who afflicted with serious medical concerns. But the City will remain vigilant in shuttering businesses that violate zoning laws.

“I want to extend our thanks to our code-enforcement and police departments for closing down these illegal, and I want to emphasize the word illegal, operations,” he said. “We will be vigilant in closing down illegal operations.”

Perris code enforcement officers were accompanied by Perris police officers and investigators from the California State Board of Equalization, the agency responsible for tax administration and fee collection in the state. Even though the Perris dispensaries operate outside the law, the state has always regarded the sale of medical marijuana as taxable.