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Latest Developments in City's CIP Plan

From one end of town to the other, the City of Perris continues its impressive program of road improvements and expansions, building new bridges and sidewalks, curbs and gutters, increasing mass-transit capabilities and addressing street and property flooding in residential neighborhoods.

And there’s lots more upgrades in the construction pipeline.

The City has spent $10 million on “capital improvement projects” in the last two years and plans to spend another $35 million in the next five.

Mayor Daryl Busch said elected representatives sat down with top City administrators years ago and created a comprehensive capital improvement plan encompassing parks, public facilities, streets, bridges, overpasses, sewer projects and drainage challenges. Priorities were established, funding obtained and work begun—and in many cases—completed.

“We prioritized and those projects were realized,” Busch said. “We are very proud of the things we’ve gotten done, the things that are getting done and the things we will get done. Our plans and designs have worked. We’ve got a lot done.”

Perris Mayor Pro-Tem Rita Rogers said the City is committing to moving forward on projects that reduce congestion, traffic and pollution while improving the looks and quality of life for Perris residents.

“I feel proud to be part of a pro-active City Council that is stepping up to meet the infrastructure needs our residents,” she said.

Major projects completed in the last year include:

  • The widening of I-215 through the City
  • New bridges at Perris Boulevard and D Street
  • Perris Boulevard widening
  • The Perris Valley Line to bring Metrolink train service to Perris
  • The ongoing repaving program to upgrade various streets in the City.
  • Drainage channels in Monument Ranch community in South Perris to alleviate water ponding which spawned mosquito concerns.
  • The widening of Harley Knox Boulevard in North Perris
  • Improvements to Murrieta Road
  • The opening of the new Patriot Park soccer comple

An equally ambitious slate of projects is moving forward in 2016.

Those include rehabbing Fourth Street, a major east-west corridor through the City, widening stretches of Perris Boulevard and Ethanac Road, improvements to Redlands Boulevard, installing a new retaining wall at the Triple Crown subdivision on Perris Boulevard, a traffic signal pedestrian countdown upgrade and building bridges along Case Road.

Future projects also include improving Goetz Road, the Harley Knox Boulevard-I-215 interchange, an improved interchanged at I-215 and Nuevo Road, an interchange at Placentia Avenue, upgrades to the exterior wall in the Triple Crown community, continued resurfacing of roads throughout Perris as needed and the paving of some roads which currently are dirt.

Assistant City Manager Ron Carr said investing in infrastructure is a good investment for the City. During recent presentations to the City Council and volunteers from three newly created citizen commissions, Carr said that for every $1 spent on infrastructure, the City reaps $2 of economic activity. For every $1 million invested, the City creates more than 10 jobs. 

And those jobs pay well—averaging about $47,000 a year, which helps propel residents into the country’s middle class. As many as 1,500 or more jobs will be added with the completion of several major logistics centers and online fulfillment centers, including those operated by major companies like General Mills, Home Depot, and Fallas Stores.

Those kinds of expansion and employment opportunities pleased City Councilwoman Tonya Burke.

“Any time you start talking about jobs in our City, I get excited,” Burke said.

Burke said the City should encourage new and existing employers to hire as many Perris residents as possible to ensure “that dollar power stays in the community.”

City Councilman David Starr Rabb said improving Perris’ infrastructure means continued progress for residents, visitors and business.

“As the City grows in population, elected leaders and city staff must ensure that the City implement vital infrastructure improvements,” he said. “The City’s planned capital improvement projects are a step in the right direction.”

City Councilman Mark Yarbrough said Perris has been on a roll in recent years, with new interchanges at Fourth Street and I-215 and along the freeway at Ramona Expressway. Other major upgrades in recent years include a new aquatics complex and baseball complex in the City’s southeast region.

“If you like what you’ve seen, get used to seeing more,” Yarbrough said. “You ain’t seen nothing yet. Perris continues to move forward.”

Download the Acrobat version of the CIP Plan slideshow here...

The Murrieta Road Improvements Project is one of many major projects completed in the past year.

The Murrieta Road Improvements Project is one of many major projects completed in the past year.