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City of Perris


Citrus Salad Springs from Community Garden

Chef Lee Burton prepares citrus salad at City of Perris Chef in the Garden. Chef Lee Burton prepares citrus salad at City of Perris "Chef in the Garden."

More than 60 Perris residents gathered March 29, for the ongoing “Chef in the Garden” program at the City of Perris “community garden.”

Chef Lee Burton prepared a citrus salad of spinach, avocado, strawberries and other nutritious ingredients all handpicked from the community garden.

“Chef in the Garden” is part of the city of Perris “Live Well Campaign,” which emphasizes bringing healthy food into the homes of the Perris community.

“The City of Perris is awesome,” Burton said. “I have worked for a lot of cities, and no one seems to do this to this scale.” 

Residents, including adults and school kids, enjoyed the simplicity of preparing the meal.

City of Perris residents Karla Williams and Andrew Jackson, have attended the last two “Chef in the Garden” events. They enjoy the educational experience and spending the evening at the community garden.

“It’s a great time out,” Jackson said. “And I truly love seeing the garden.”

The date for the next “Chef in the Garden” has not been determined.