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City of Perris

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City of Perris


The City of Perris Encourages the Public to Report Possible Abuse

The City of Perris was shaken by recent reports of physical and psychological abuse involving 13 children and adult siblings.

Physical, mental and emotional abuse can take place at any time in any community. Perris prides itself as a family oriented City where people of all ages and backgrounds are respected and valued.

The public can play a vital role in reporting abuse. If you suspect something or see something, then SAY SOMETHING.

Possible signs of abuse are many and varied. Some signs of child abuse include:

*Unexplained bruises or scars
*Frequent absence from school
*Poor hygiene, unkempt hair and dirty clothing
*Frequent complaints of hunger
*Learning difficulties/problems at school
*Comes to school early, stays late and does not want to go home
*Passive or withdrawn behavior

Possible Signs of adult and elder abuse can include:

*Unexplained signs of injury, such as bruises, welts, or scars
*Broken bones, sprains, or dislocations
*Report of drug overdose or apparent failure to take medication regularly
*Broken eyeglasses or frames
*Signs of being restrained, such as rope marks on wrists
*Caregiver's refusal to allow neighbors to see the elder alone

There are agencies in Riverside County dedicated to assisting victims of abuse. Those include the:

- Riverside County Department of Social Services, or 951-940-6600
- Department of Child Protective Services, or 1-800-442-4918
- Department of Adult Protective Services, or 1-800-491-7123