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75 Perris Residents Participated in Kabian Park Hike

Perris resident Anthony Jackson and his grandson, Jordan Canada, warm up prior to the start of the March 17 hike at Kabian Park, which drew about 75 participants.

The weather Saturday morning at Kabian Park was tough—cold, cloudy, threatening rain after showers fell most of the previous night.

But the 75 hikers who conquered the 3.5-mile trail at the scenic park proved tougher.

And when the last completed the winding trail with hills and valleys and a spectacular view of Canyon Lake, the consensus of the hikers was unanimous.

The outing was exhilarating, the scenery was stunning and the early-morning excursion was more than worth the effort.

“It was fantastic,” said Araceli Silva, who along with her “Faith Warrior” buddies Martha Maya and Crystal Smith ran the entire course and completed the hike in one hour. “We had a great time.”

Silva said the trail’s twist and turns, ascents and descents and inclines proved more challenging than an earlier beach walk along the shore of the Lake Perris State Recreation Area. The final “Take a Hike” in a series of three will be held April 14 at Lake Perris and includes a challenging four-mile trek to the top of Terri Peak and back.

Maya said she and her fellow Faith Warriors can’t wait.

Crystal Smith is all smiles as he begins the 3.5-mile hike March 17 at Kabian Park.

“We want a tougher challenge,” she said.

Anthony Jackson felt super after conquering Kabian Park. The March 17 trek was his first hike.

“Man it was great and I feel great,” said Jackson, who attended the Kabian Park trail with his wife, daughter and grandson. “It was pretty challenging.”

Jackson said he noticed people fishing in Canyon Lake and made a mental note of that. It’s an activity he plans to enjoy in the future with his 9-year-old grandson, Jordan Canada.

“We will definitely be back here to fish,” Jackson said.

Enhancing Perris’ reputation.

Perris City Councilman Malcolm Corona and his wife, Mila, took part in the Kabian Park excursion.

Celebrating after crossing the finish line are “Faith Warriors” Martha Maya, Crystal Smith and Araceli Silva. The trio ran the course and completed the 3.5-hike in an hour.

He credited Perris staff with planning and executing the Kabian Park hike after rain fell and praised them for organizing the “Take a Hike” series, which have drawn visitors from many surrounding communities.

“It’s events like these that are giving our City the reputation that we care about the health of our residents and visitors,” Corona said. “The views on the trail were beautiful. Lots of lush greenery and scenery.”

Karen Boyer drove in from near Corona to hike Kabian Park. Her sister, Joanne Quezada, came from Glen Valley.

“I wish there were more activities like this around my house,” Boyer said. “It’s nice to get healthy and see nature. It’s nice to see a community come together to do something healthy.”

Quezada said she and Boyer are avid hikers and have taken part in previous Perris-sponsored events like the beach walk at Lake Perris. The sisters said they enjoyed the family atmosphere of that hike and plan to attend future hikes.

“I think it’s nice to organize an event that brings the community together,” she said. “I think’s awesome.”

After the hike, City staff conducted a raffle in which a bicycle, Fitbit, walking poles backpacks and other prizes were given away. The April 14 hike to Terri Peak takes place at the Lake Perris State Recreation Area, 17801 Lake Perris Drive. The hike begins at 8 a.m. and pre-hike warm-ups are scheduled for 7:30 a.m.