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City Residents Participate in Annual Spring Egg Hunt

Perris Mayor Michael Vargas chats with a smiling family March 24 while greeting participants who took part in the City’s annual Spring Egg Hunt.

It was all about making memories.

That’s how parents who brought their children to the City of Perris’ annual Spring Egg Hunt described the gathering that drew hundreds of residents and visitors to the City Hall Campus March 24.

Desiree and Michael Oliver attended the Egg Hunt with their daughter, Scarlett, 2. For mom and dad it was the chance to see their daughter frolic with other kids to seek and find candy eggs, grab a photo with bunny, enjoy the sunshine and capture a memorable experience with their daughter.

“Our biggest joy is creating excellent memories,” Desiree Oliver said. “She’s very excited to see the bunny and grab some eggs. This event is friendly and inviting. She loves being here.”

Perris Mayor Pro-Tem Malcolm Corona, his son Malcolm and wife, Mila, checked out the Mounted Posse before scrambling for goodies during the City’s annual Spring Egg Hunt.

The couple added that the low-cost of the Egg Hunt makes it appealing to many families with little spare cash. Kids could gather eggs for free and families could take advantage of a low-cost breakfast.Wayland Gilliam IV brought his son, Wayland V, to the egg hunt.

“Lots of nice people here,” Gilliam said. “I like the whole atmosphere. It’s a very organized event. The City of Perris is a great place to live. The people are awesome!”

Social media fan

Anna Tayag brought her two sons, Brandon, 6, and Dylan, 4, to the Egg Hunt. Volunteers and City staffers placed hundreds of plastic eggs filled with goodies in designated areas and let the children loose to pick up the goodies. Breakfast featuring ham, eggs, potatoes and yogurt also was available.

Perris City Councilwoman Tonya Burke shares a smile with some of the participants in the City’s annual Spring Egg Hunt.

Tayag said she keeps abreast of City events by following Perris on Instagram. The Egg Hunt is a red-letter date in her home.

“The kids have been looking forward to this for a while,” she said. “It’s a great community event and it’s fun watching them have fun.”

Comments like that pleased Perris elected representatives attending the Egg Hunt. Mayor Michael Vargas called the Egg Hunt “a great event where the kids are having a blast.”

He also was pleased to learn that residents from Westminster and Murrieta made the trip to Perris to enjoy the festivities. Several of Vargas’ grandchildren took part in the Egg Hunt.

“The word about Perris is finally getting out through social media,” Vargas said. “It’s a great feeling seeing a lot of people here right at the beginning of the Egg Hunt. It’s a great feeling to see members of the Perris community and visitors having a great time.”

Perris City Councilman David Starr Rabb enjoyed the Spring Egg Hunt with his nephew, Isaiah, 8.

Mayor Pro-Tem Malcolm Corona brought along his son, Malcolm, 2.

Bigger all the time

“Our events keep getting bigger and bigger,” Corona said. “The Egg Hunt provides a great way to get out of the house and have some fun. It gives our residents something to do that’s inexpensive and enjoyable.”

City Councilwoman Tonya Burke said Perris administrators and elected representatives are committed to bringing events like the Egg Hunt to the community so people can enjoy “wonderful family fun.”

“This event always brings people of all ages and backgrounds together to enjoy a great time,” Burke said.

Perris City Clerk Nancy Salazar is all smiles at the City’s Spring Egg Hunt March 24 with her daughter, Kloe, 7.

Burke’s daughter, Jaylyn, sits on the Perris Youth Advisory Committee and volunteered at the Egg Hunt.

City Councilman David Starr Rabb attended with his nephew, Isaac, 8. Rabb called the Egg Hunt one of his favorite City functions, along with the Health Fair, Christmas and Veteran’s Day Parade and Breakfast with Santa.

“There’s always a great turnout and it’s a great way to enjoy Easter,” Rabb said. “It’s inexpensive and fun. I’m enjoying myself.”

City Clerk Nancy Salazar attended with her daughter, Khloe, 7. Mother and daughter have taken part in several Egg Hunts and always get a photo with the bunny. Khloe also likes the arts and crafts table that’s a part of every Egg Hunt.

“It’s exciting for the kids,” Salazar said. “It’s very important for the little ones to come out and have a great time. It makes memories for the kids—and their moms.”