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Teenage Rowers to Take Over Lake Perris Sunday, April 15th

Teen-age rowers will take to Lake Perris Sunday, April 15, to gin up support for the sport at a venue that will play host to world-class competitors during the 2028 Olympic Games.

Sunday’s event, dubbed “Empire Sprints,” is hosted by Newport Beach-based Orange County Rowing Club.

The event features rowers from 8th to 12th grades and has already attracted more than 200 participants from California, Washington and Nevada schools. Rowing begins at 7 a.m. Sunday at Lake Perris, 18700 Lake Perris Drive.

Aaron Green, co-founder of the Orange County Rowing Club, said the Empire Sprints competition is about increasing interest in rowing in Riverside County, including Perris.

“We are pleased that we are able to bring a permanent buoyed course to Southern California that will not only serve the needs of our region, but we will strive to serve the needs of the rowing community as a whole,” Green said. “Meanwhile, we will be introducing a new sport to the youth…in hopes of building a new robust rowing community. Needless to say, our expectation is also to bring economic growth to a well-deserved community.”

Lake Perris is a beautiful location, overlooking a gorgeous view of the City of Perris, surrounding mountains and desert hills.

Organizers expect a full day of excellent racing. Spectators may bring bicycles and ride along the top of the dam on the paved road while tracking the races. Park Rangers will cordon off the regatta area, and buoy off our race area from motorboats.

Empire Sprints is slated to become an annual event as they look forward to growing the event to attract competitors not just from the southwest United States, but also from all across the U.S. as well as internationally. For more information about Empire Sprints… click here.