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Perris Wraps Up "Take A Hike" Series with Terri Peak Climb

Happy hikers hit the trail at Terri Peak April 14 at the start of a 4-mile trek to the summit, which provided spectacular views of Perris, Lake Perris and surrounding communities.

The City of Perris wrapped up its “Take a Hike” series with a successful—and challenging—trek to the summit of Terri Peak April 14 at the Lake Perris State Recreation Area.

A total of 122 people challenged themselves on the sometimes-strenuous trail to the summit of Terri Peak, an 800-foot elevation from start to finish. The City was well represented at the hike, as City elected representatives, administrators and staff members came out to show their support for better health through exercise.

Perris Mayor Pro-Tem Malcolm Corona, City Councilman David Starr Rabb and City Clerk Nancy Salazar led the elected contingent while City Manager Richard Belmudez, Assistant City Manager Clara Miramontes, Director of Community Services and Housing and City Engineer Habib Motlagh also made the 4-mile hike.

Corona takes part in all City hikes. After finishing the course, Corona said the trip was exhilarating and invigorating.

“This is a fantastic, challenging hike and motivates you to keep pushing,” he said. “The view of the City of Perris, the lake and surrounding communities was fantastic!”

Rabb agreed the course was strenuous but with determination, could be completed.

“We had a good turnout,” Rabb said. “It was good, clean fun.”

Hard-core hikers Marta Mayas and Araceli Silva ran the entire course and are all smiles as they complete the trip to and from the summit of Terri Peak at the Lake Perris State Recreation Area.

Rabb said the City, through its ongoing Live Well Perris campaign, encourages residents to exercise, eat healthier and take control of their quality of life.

“We are committed to improving peoples’ health,” he said.

Salazar said the City offers many opportunities for residents to get and stay fit. Those include yoga and Zumba classes, an early-morning boot camp, a senior walking club, the annual Health Fair which is taking place Saturday, April 21 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the City Hall Campus, 101 North D Street and various off-campus events. Those include a pair of bicycle rides April 28 at Lake Perris.

“It’s great the City assists in helping people stay healthy and active,” Salazar said. “It’s exciting to see how committed Perris is to encouraging everyone to have a healthy lifestyle.”

Running all the way

The Terri Peak hike included the casual as well as committed hikers. No one was more intense than “Faith Warriors” Marta Maya and Araceli Silva, who ran the entire course—up and down. They completed the summit ascent and descent in an hour—and that included a 20-minute break to take in the majestic vistas.

“We were looking for a new challenge—and we found one,” Silva said.

Desmond Prescott wraps up his journey to Terri Peak April 21 as his wife, Tasha, follows close behind him.

Maya agreed: “Excellent hike, perfect for us.”

The friends say their slogan symbolizes their confidence in their ability to meet any challenge life throws at them. Conquering Terri Peak means they’re ready to step up their game.

“The next hike will have to be longer and harder,” Maya said.

Resident Monica Chan has taken part in Live Well Perris events since the program began in 2013. Exercising has become more important since her husband recently was diagnosed with diabetes. The couple mastered Terri Peak and Chen was delighted to learn the hike burned up 1,070 calories.

“I am religiously a Live Well Perris fan,” Chan said. “I’m really impressed with the City’s supporting the health of its residents. I feel the City is like my second family.”

Common purpose and goal

Desmond and Tasha Prescott conquered Terri Peak too. “Quite an experience,” Desmond Prescott said as he cooled down afterward.

Perris Mayor Pro-Tem Malcolm Corona, City Councilman David Starr Rabb and City Clerk Nancy Salazar are all smiles as they present a “Live Well Perris” goodie bag to a lucky raffle winner following the April 21 Terri Peak hike.

“When you’re hiking, your mind is free from a lot of the distress that comes from daily living,” he said. “You’re just worried about taking that next step to get closer to the top.”

Tasha Prescott said she enjoyed tackling Terri Peak because it brought together “as good group of people who share a common purpose and goal.”

She said she appreciated the friendliness and can-do spirit exhibited by the Perris employees who organized and pulled off another great community event.

“It’s great getting together with friends and getting healthy,” she said.

Perris resident David Avila said to him the Terri Peak hike represented “being healthy, getting your body moving and supporting your City.”

“Perris is one of the best Cities for organizing events that promote the health of its residents,” Avila said. “Perris cares about everybody. It makes me feel good to live in such a caring City.”