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In-N-Out Campaign Winners Honored at City Council Meeting

Albert Salazar holds his first-place prize certificate for appearing in the best photo during the City of Perris’ social media blitz to attract In-N-Out to the community. With him are mom, Mari Salazar, Perris Mayor Pro-Tem Malcolm Corona, City Councilwoman Rita Rogers, Mayor Michael Vargas, City Councilwoman Tonya Burke, City Councilman David Starr Rabb and City Manager Richard Belmudez.

The City of Perris wrapped up its enormously successful social media campaign to lure In-N-Out to the community by announcing the winners of a photo and video contest aimed at showering love on the iconic burger joint.

Mari Salazar took home first place in the photo contest for her adorable image of her 5-year-old son, Albert, dressed up in an In-N-Out uniform that he wore last Halloween.

Steven Miranda recorded a video as he drove through Perris, offering suggestions for the location of a future franchise as he cruised through the City. The video ended with Miranda enjoying his favorite double-double combination at an In-N-Out in a neighboring City.

Perris Economic Development Director Grace Williams said the social media blitz generated more than 30,000 likes, views and comments. The genesis of the campaign began during a series of community meetings in February when the City solicited public input about what types of businesses to target for Perris. The overwhelming favorite: In-N-Out.

“We’re a growing community in the center of the fastest growing county in California—and we love In-N-Out!” Williams said. “Our contest is over but we will continue our efforts to land In-N-Out!”

Members of the Perris City Council also took a few moments to sing their love for the business. They interrupted proceedings to voice the company’s theme tune: “In-N-Out, that’s what a hamburger’s all about” while wearing the business’ signature white chef caps.

Double-double animal style

Perris Mayor Michael Vargas snaps a selfie with In-N-Out photo contest winner Albert Salazar and other City elected representatives and administrators during the June 12 City Council meeting.

Albert Salazar, who just graduated from kindergarten at Innovative Horizons Charter School, donned his In-N-Out uniform to go trick-or-treating last Halloween. After a hard night of collecting Halloween goodies, he and his mom stopped at the In-N-Out on Indiana Avenue in Riverside, where a professional photographer captured the winning image.

“We love In-N-Out,” Mari Salazar said. “We go there at least once a week. There’s always a huge line waiting for the food. Getting one in Perris would be amazing.”

How amazing? On a scale of 1 to 10, Mari Salazar replied: “About 100!”

Albert’s favorite menu item: the iconic double-double animal style.

“I can eat one all myself,” he said.

Miranda, a lifelong Perris resident, used his skills as a videographer to tell his love for In-N-Out. The video begins with Miranda pulling out of his driveway and rolling through Perris, pointing out a location near I-215 and Nuevo Road that he believes would make a great place for In-N-0ut to set up shop.

Steven Miranda, who won the best video component in the social media contest to attract In-N-Out to Perris, is pictured with Mayor Pro-Tem Malcolm Corona, City Councilwoman Rita Rogers, Mayor Michael Vargas, City Councilwoman Tonya Burke, City Councilman David Starr Rabb and City Manager Richard Belmudez.

The video ends with Miranda enjoying the classic at a nearby In-N-Out. Miranda says he knows that should the restaurant come to Perris, he and other enthusiasts can expect to wait in line for 20 or 30 minutes before getting served.

His response—“I’d rather wait in Perris than another city.”

Miranda attended the awards presentation with his two daughters, Emiliy, 7, and Hailey, 5. Dad and daughters frequent In-N-Out regularly to enjoy their favorite meal—a double double with French fries on the side.

He’s pleased with the City’s social media blitz. Landing In-N-Out would make an already great place to call home even better.

“I love the City of Perris,” Miranda said. “I would never want to live anywhere else.”

Miranda and Salazar received gift cards and admission to Perris Indoor Skydiving.