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Judy Haughney Named Perris Employee of the Quarter

Perris City Clerk Judy Haughney was honored as the Perris Employee of the Quarter at the Oct. 30 City Council meeting. With Haughney are Perris City Councilwoman Tonya Burke, City Councilwoman Rita Rogers, Mayor Michael Vargas, Mayor Pro-Tem Malcolm Corona and City Councilman David Starr Rabb.

Assistant Perris City Clerk Judy Haughney has served the community as an elected representative, a Planning Commissioner and now as a municipal staff member.

Her job entails supervising the collection of ballots on election nights, complying with information requests from individuals and the media, processing minutes, ordinances, resolutions and agreements to processing of legal notices, maintaining the Municipal Code, recorded documents and a myriad of other tasks and responsibilities.

It’s a job City administrators and her peers agree Haughney handles with aplomb.

For her efforts, Haughney earned Employee of the Quarter and was honored by the Perris City Council at its Oct. 30 meeting.

“The awesome staff who work here make my job great,” she said. “There’s no one to compare with the staff for the City of Perris. They make it an awesome place to work. “We are a team and a family. I am so fortunate and grateful to work in and be a part of this great City.”

Praise from the dais

Perris elected representatives lauded Haughney’s professionalism, attitude and job skills.

“This is a well-deserved award,” said Mayor Michael Vargas.

Vargas said he knew Haughney from his days as a member of the Val Verde Unified School District Board of Trustees. As Mayor, he appreciates her skills even more.

“You are the go-to person,” he said. “Thank you for everything you do.”

Mayor Pro-Tem Malcolm Corona echoed sentiments from Vargas and other colleagues.

“A big thank you and a big congratulations,” Corona said. “You are one of the most knowledgeable, able and helpful people. Thank you for all you do for our City.”

City Councilwoman Tonya Burke thanked Haugnhey for the passion she brings to her work.

“You are always very knowledgeable and professional,” she said. “You truly love what you do. I appreciate the knowledge you bring to your job. I appreciate you. I salute you.”

City Councilman David Starr Rabb called Haughney Perris’ unofficial historian. He recalled the time he asked Haughney for the complete list of City Council members since 1911 when Perris incorporated. Haughney produced it. Similarly, she produced minutes from official meeting going back to the day became a city.

“You are the well-spring of the City’s history—of all things Perris!” he said.

City Councilwoman Rita Rogers called Haughney “the glue that keeps everything going.”

“No matter what’s happening, you remain cool, calm and professional,” Rogers said.

25 years in Perris

Haughney moved to Perris 25 years ago.

She served as Perris’ elected City Clerk from 2006-2013 and as a Planning Commissioner from 2002-2013. She took on responsibilities as Assistant City Clerk in 2013. She works very closely with nearly every department in the City and enjoys also working with the public.

One of her favorite duties is tracing the origins of historical people who have made contributions to the City.

For instance, Banta Beatty Park across the street from City Hall is named in honor of a former Perris police chief. Bob Long Park is named after the longtime civic-minded resident who announced Perris High School football games for years. The Statler Youth Center honors Ellsworth Statler, a hotel mogul and longtime supporter of community sports programs. The Bob Glass Gym, built as part of the Roosevelt-era Work Progress Administration in the 1930s, remembers the contributions of the City’s long ago unofficial recreation director.

“Finding historical details is like a treasure hunt,” Haughney said. “Knowing more about your city’s history enhances priced in your community. “I love to do research and I love anything old. To do the job that I do, in a City that is over 100 years old, is a dream come true.””

In her few moments of spare time, Haughney enjoys reading, gardening and “spending time with my family, husband Shawn, son Rob and his wife Stephanie and my amazing and adorable grandson, Chase.”