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City of Perris

Police & Fire

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The City of Perris contracts with the Riverside County Sheriff to provide police services for the city.

Crime Prevention & Safety Resources

  • Crime Prevention

    Preventing Home Burglary

    City Police Contact

    Officer Rose Howard
    (951) 210-1111

    • Leave drapes and shades open. Closed drapes and shades indicate an unoccupied house.
    • Put peepholes in front doors. Those with magnifying glass lens are best. You can see who's outside without opening the door. Consider door chains as well.
    • Take care with your keys... Don’t leave a key under a doormat, flower pot or on a ledge.   Burglars look in these locations first. Never leave an ignition key in your car and never  put a house key on your ignition key ring.
    • If you have a dog or an alarm system, display “BEWARE” signs. These deter thieves.
    • Don't keep expensive jewelry at home, unless you have a secure safe. All valuables and important documents should be kept in a safe or a safe deposit box.
    • Mark (engrave) valuable items with your California Driver’s License number. Televisions, Stereos, VCR's are items a thief is likely to steal. Keep a list of these items, along with their serial numbers, in a safe place.
    • Secure patio doors. A steel or wooden rod in the guide channel will work. A pin type lock may also be used for added security.
    • Keep your garage door down and locked. This helps protect property stored inside. While you are away, electric doors should be disconnected and padlocked.
    • Make an inventory of items in your home. Keep one copy for yourself and give the other to your insurance company. Take photos of valuable items. Videotape (Camcorder) you entire home and all rooms containing your property and valuables Look into an alarm system. There are hundreds of different systems on the market.

    Preventing Vehicle Theft

    • Lock It!
      Always lock your vehicle, and take the keys no matter where you park it. This includes your driveway, and your garage. Check the trunk or tailgate to make sure they are also locked. Close all windows. Even the smallest opening can provide access. Lock your vehicle even if you are only making a quick stop at the gas station, convenience store, or mini-mall.
    • Park It Carefully
      If you have a garage, park your vehicle in it. If you do not have a garage, try to park your car where you can see it through a window. Choose attended parking lots over unattended ones. Vehicles are five (5) times more likely to be stolen from an unattended lot. Try to park your vehicle in a lot where you do not have to leave your keys. Never attach a tag with your name, and address to your key ring. At night, park in well lit areas with people around.
    • Mark It!
      Use an engraver to etch your California Driver's License number on CD/MP3 players and other valuable items. Record your Vehicle Identification Number, and keep it in a safe place. You can also engrave your Vehicle identification Number on different vehicle parts, such as engine parts, to keep them from being stolen.
    • Report Suspicious Activity!
      Join a Neighborhood Watch group, and work with your neighbors to rid your neighborhood of suspicious activity. Be alert to someone loitering in your neighborhood, especially if you see them looking in vehicle windows. They probably do not belong in your neighborhood, and they could be a vehicle burglar.

      Also be alert to the sounds you hear. Most vehicle burglars steal things from your car by breaking a window. Report suspicious activities or sounds to the Perris Police Department by calling 1-951-776-1099 or 9-1-1 for emergencies.
  • Safety Resources

    Crime Reporting Resources

    Additional Resources

    Courts, Ordinances, Rules, Regulations

  • Impounded Vehicle Release Information

    The registered owner must be present for a vehicle release.

    Please have the following information to obtain a vehicle release:

    • Vehicle's License Plate #  or VIN
    • The Registered Owner with Legal Photo ID (preferably a valid drivers license)
      (If the register owner is not licensed, they must be present with a licensed driver.)
    • Registration information for the vehicle
      - Must have valid proof of insurance for vehicle
      - Current fees must be paid
      - If the fees are paid, but smog or other items need to be completed before DMV gives the full registration tags, you must have either a one day moving permit, or a temporary moving permit

    When the registered owner cannot be present:
    If the registered owner is not present, the individual retrieving the vehicle needs a letter with notarized power of attorney specifying the individual's name to release the vehicle to and the specific vehicle description. They will also need a "hold harmless letter" addressed to the City of Perris Police Department/Riverside County Sheriff Department.

    Vehicle Release Fees

    Please note that vehicle release fees can only be paid with exact change or check with matching ID information. No ATM or credit cards are accepted.

    City of Perris Vehicle Release Fees
    Vehicle Code Description Fee

    22651 VC


    NO FEE

    22651.01 VC



    22651h VC    



    22651p  VC



    22651b  VC



    22651k  VC



    22669a  VC



    14602.6 VC

    (Driving w/suspended licensed)


    12500 VC




    (vehicle held for minimum of 5 days)



    (vehicle held for minimum of 15 days)



    County of Riverside, City of Menifee, City of Canyon Lake
    Vehicle Code Description Fee

    22651c   VC 


    NO FEE

    22651g   VC  


    NO FEE





    City of Canyon Lake: All vehicle release fees


  • Traffic FAQs

    We have provided some answers to frequently asked questions of our station staff regarding traffic related issues. 

    Why did I receive a citation instead of a warning? 
    Studies show that when a deputy issues a citation, the effect on the violator is much more long-lasting than if the deputy has issued or warning.  The bottom-line is that when a person receives a citation, they are statistically a much safer driver, for a much longer time, than if they had only been issued a warning. 

    What if I didn’t commit the violation that I was cited for?
    If you feel you did not commit the violation, or you feel you had a good reason for committing the violation and the deputy cited you anyway, do not argue with the deputy at the time of the stop; you will have the opportunity to challenge the citation in court.  After you receive a citation, the traffic court will send you a notice to appear by mail.  You can plead not guilty, and a traffic trial will be scheduled.  The trial is your opportunity to argue the case in front of an impartial judge. 

    Why was my car towed?
    There are numerous reasons why your car might have been towed, but these are some of the most common:

    • If someone is driving your car and their license is suspended or they have never been issued a license, then your car will be impounded for 30 days (it does not matter that they were not the registered owner). 
    • If your registration is expired for over six months.
    • The driver was arrested and taken into custody.

    Now that my car was towed, what do I do?
    If your car has been stored (1 day tow) or impounded (30 day tow), you may request a tow hearing.  The purpose of the hearing is to determine if the tow was valid, or if there were mitigating circumstances surrounding the tow.  If your car was lawfully impounded for 30 days, the vehicle will be released prior to the 30 days if the driver obtains a valid driver’s license, or if there are mitigating circumstances (determined during the tow hearing).  

    I have a traffic concern.  Who can I call?
    If you have a concern about signs, road design, signal placement, or any other traffic engineering concerns, you may contact the City of Perris engineers. 

    If your concern is with on-going traffic violations, you may contact the Perris Station traffic team at (951) 210-1058.

    If you are reporting an emergency, such as: a drunk driver, reckless driver, or to report a traffic collision, please call 911

  • Volunteer Opportunities

    Riverside County Sheriff’s Department assumes municipal police services for the cities of Perris, Menifee, and Canyon Lake, along with the unincorporated communities of Glen Valley, Mead Valley, Harvest Valley, Romoland, Woodcrest, Lake Matthews, and Gavilan Hills.

    Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Perris Station has many opportunities for citizens to get involved in their communities. Volunteers contribute to positive communications between the community and law enforcement; gain valuable work experience; and get to meet new people in varied settings.

    Learn more about our volunteer groups:

    • Station Volunteers
      Our Perris Station volunteers' tasks range from arranging the servicing of patrol vehicles, assisting with crime prevention or, preparing reports for document imaging.  If you are interested in applying for a station volunteer position, please contact Perris Community Service Officer at 210-1110.
    • Explorer Post 522
      The City of Perris Station supports an active Explorer Post Program for young persons between the ages of 14 and 21. Law Enforcement Exploring gives a hands on look at what a career in law enforcement is really like. Explorers direct traffic at special events; help with crime prevention programs; and provide light security details. Once eligible, explorers can go on ride-alongs with officers and assist on various calls. Applicants must obtain parental permission; have good moral character; have no major criminal history; and pass a background investigation.
      To join Explorers, click here.
    • Citizens on Patrol
      The City of Perris Citizens on Patrol group is comprised of highly trained volunteers who enhance vital crime prevention services and community awareness through proactive law enforcement principles. Citizen volunteers do not require special law enforcement training and do not carry weapons or make arrests.

      An applicant must be 18 or older; appear professional at all time; have good moral character; have no felony convictions; be a current US citizen; and be able to pass a background check. If you are interested in joining Citizens on Patrol, feel free to contact Perris Community Service Officer at 210-1110.
  • Zone Policing

    Zone Policing is another aspect of community and problem-oriented policing. Rather than having small groups of designated officers attempting to resolve community issues, zone policing gets the field deputyinvolved in the community and has them look at ways to resolve issues before they become larger problems.The goal of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is to enhance the delivery of service to thecommunities we serve and to reinforce the department’s organizational goal of strong law enforcementand community partnerships.

    Your Zone policing officers adjust their schedules to work special details in response to addressing specific crime occurring in their zones.  The Zone officers have special training in various areas that include off-road vehicle enforcement, bicycle patrol, gangs, vice investigations and narcotics enforcement.  They work to meet the demands of the community and problem areas.

Fire Service

The City of Perris began contracting with the Riverside County Fire Department for fire and emergency services in 1983. The City of Perris has fourteen firefighters assigned to two fire stations.  

Additional Fire Department Contact Numbers

County Fire Department Administration: (951) 940-6900
Battalion Chief's desk: (951) 657-7151

An Invitiation from the Fire Chief

Here are guidelines to schedule the Fire Department to come to your business or school to conduct a public relations program or fire safety talk. Read more...