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Perris Police Department

police badge
City of Perris Police
(951) 210-1000

City of Perris Police Station
137 N. Perris #A
Perris, CA 92570
Phone: (951) 210-1000

(951) 776-1099, option 5

911  or  (951) 684-0911

Chief of Police
Michael Judge mjudge@riversidesheriff.org



Perris Officer and Classified Employee of the Quarter

They toil behind the scenes, making sure Perris police are adequately trained and working with the public who come into police headquarters seeking assistance on a wide range of matters.

For their efforts in making sure the Perris Police Department runs smoothly, Corporal Chris Porrazzo and CSO Rose Howard were honored recently with a proclamation from the City Council. Porazzo was named Officer of the Quarter; Howard was honored as Classified Employee of the Quarter.

Annual Report

Annual Report

Each year, the Perris Police Department issues an annual report documenting the prior year’sperformance from the police department. The annual report covers activities from each of the department's main divisions as well as a message from the chief.
See the current annual report...

Megan's Law: Public Sex Offender Information

In 1995, a convicted child molester was arrested for the murder and rape of 7 year-old Megan Kanka in a New Jersey suburb. The offender lived across the street from the Kanka residence. The Police Department was prohibited from disclosing the presence of the child molester because at the time, the law did not allow the release of the sex offender information to the public.

The law was changed to permit the release of this information to the public and on May 8, 1996, President Clinton signed the law, dubbed "Megan's Law" in remembrance of little Megan Kanka. The California State Legislature signed California's version of Megan's Law into effect on September 25, 1996. This law was implemented to allow potential victims to protect themselves and allow parents to protect their children.

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